Fly La Première, the First Class of Air France

Pleasure, refinement, serenity: at the airport or on board, you will enjoy personalized service designed for your comfort. Our La Première teams pay special attention to your comfort and serenity, providing you an exceptional travel experience throughout your trip.

A unique experience and complete peace of mind

La premiere

Personalized service at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport

La premiere
By travelling in the La Première cabin, you receive personalized service designed exclusively for your comfort upon your arrival at the airport. Find out more .

Comfort on board

La premiere
La Première takes on the allure of a private lounge: a cabin designed as an exclusive haven of well-being. Combining aesthetics and privacy, the cabin comprises between 4 and 9 gently curved seats in elegant hues. Benefit from an unparalleled world of comfort. Find out more .

Meals on board

La premiere
La Première meal service: the art of hosting à la française. Enjoy a unique culinary experience that embodies pleasure and refinement. On the menu: gourmet meals, either light or classic, adapted to your tastes. Find out more .

VIP service at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Schiphol sunset

Flying Blue members travelling on La Première on Air France long haul flights can now enjoy the exclusive VIP service at Schiphol Airport when departing from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Your check-in and baggage drop-off are processed efficiently outside the normal processes, and the VIP lounges provide you with all the facilities you need to continue your work or relax before your trip. Just prior to departure you will be brought to your flight in a luxury limousine.  Find out more 

Embark on a journey of luxury to 25 destinations

La premiere

Fly La Première from Amsterdam

Atlanta , Boston Houston , Los Angeles , New York ,Washington , Miami , São Paulo , Beijing , Hong Kong , Seoel , Sjanghai , Singapore , Jakarta , Tokyo Bangalore Abidjan ,  Beirut Douala , Dubai , Johannesburg Luanda Libreville , Yaoundé  and  Malabo .