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Create your own Delft Blue city with our KLM miniature houses.
KLM houses Amsterdam

Unique gift in World Business Class

Since the 1950s, we present every World Business Class passenger with a unique gift: a Delft Blue miniature traditional Dutch house, filled with Dutch gin, also known as genever.

Each one of them depicts a real Dutch building. Every year on 7 October we celebrate our birthday by presenting a new house.

Over the years, our miniature houses have become desirable collectors' items, generating a lively trade amongst passengers. 

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KLM’s miniature house #99: De Witte Os

De Witte Os

In celebration of our 99th anniversary in 2018 we’ve added a new house to the KLM miniature houses: De Witte Os.

De Witte Os is a phenomenon in Frisian Joure. In this shop, grocer Egbert Douwe laid the foundation for the well-known Douwe Egberts brand of today. But this did not go without a struggle. De Witte Os today serves as a museum that is part of Museum Joure. They restored the historic building to what it once was: a beloved grocery store.

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