Social media service in Norwegian and Russian

13 May 2013 | Question or request for KLM? Ask away via Facebook and Twitter – now in 9 languages.

24/7 service

Social media service in Norwegian and Russian

KLM is here for you round the clock. Send a tweet or post a message on our Facebook wall, and our KLM social media team will respond within the hour, and assist with your request within a day.

As of now, we can also assist you in Norwegian and Russian. For example with selecting your favourite seat, rebooking a ticket, or if you were just wondering which movies you can see on your flight.

Our customer service on Facebook and Twitter is now available in 9 languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian and Russian (also on VKontakte, where available).

If your language is not one of these: we are planning to be able to help you in more languages in the coming months!

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