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Using your KLM voucher

Did you receive a KLM voucher (an ‘EMD’, ‘TCV’ or ‘TDC’ document)? Some vouchers you can use as credit for your next flight booking and/or to buy extra options. Some vouchers can be exchanged for cash.

KLM vouchers: EMD, TCV and TDC

If you requested compensation on, or if your trip did not go as planned, you may have received compensation in the form of a KLM voucher. This can be one of 3 types:

  • An EMD voucher is an electronic voucher which you receive via e-mail. If your EMD voucher states ‘refundable’, it can be exchanged for cash. If it states ‘non-refundable’, you can use it on as credit for a flight booking or a purchase of extra options.
  • A Travel Discount Certificate (TDC) or Transportation Credit Voucher (TCV). These are paper vouchers which can be used as credit for a flight booking. 

Using your EMD voucher

You can exchange your ‘EMD’ voucher on

  • For cash on your bank account – if your EMD document states ‘refundable’. Exchange your EMD for cash.
  • When booking a KLM, Delta Air Lines or AIR FRANCE flight or to buy extra options for KLM flights (such as an extra comfortable seat) – if your EMD voucher states ‘non-refundable’. For any remaining credit you will receive a new EMD voucher.
    • Use your EMD voucher to book a flight on
    • If you already have a booking: use your EMD voucher to buy extra options for KLM flights through My Trip
    • If the ticket - or extra option price and the credit on your EMD voucher are in different currencies, please contact the KLM Service Centre


Read the Terms and conditions of EMD vouchers


Using your TDC or TCV voucher

Travel Discount Certificates (TDCs) and Travel Credit Vouchers (TCVs) can be used as credit when booking flights with KLM, AIR FRANCE or Delta Air Lines flight numbers.

How to use your TDC or TCV voucher
Please call us by telephone to book your flight and make sure you have your voucher near at hand. You will need the registration number on the voucher to complete your booking.

To redeem your TDC or TCV voucher, please contact:

If the amount due is higher than the credit on your TDC or TCV voucher, you need to pay the remaining amount.

TDC vouchers are valid for 2 years after the issue date, while TCV vouchers are valid for 1 years. They cannot be exchanged for money. It is not possible to redeem your TDC or TCV voucher at a KLM travel agent or on

Read the Terms and Conditions of TDC and TCV vouchers

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