About our lounges

Are you looking for a quiet place at the airport to work and relax before your departure or transfer? KLM lounges and those of our partner airlines are the perfect place to collect your thoughts and get things done. There’s a wide range of lounges worldwide you can access:

KLM Crown Lounges

Our KLM Crown Lounges offer a stylish, serene environment with lots of privacy and space. There is one at Toronto Airport, one at Houston Airport and two at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: Lounge 52 for intercontinental passengers and Lounge 25 for passengers travelling within the Schengen area. All four KLM Crown Lounges offer check-in services for transfer passengers. 

NOTE: Lounge 52 remains open during its extensive renovation that will last until March 2019. This means you may experience some noise or hindrance. Sorry for the inconvenience. Due to the renovations, the number of seats is limited, so we have decided to adjust our lounge access policy during peak hours.


SkyTeam Branded Lounges

You can access the SkyTeam Branded Lounges if you are an international First Class or Business Class passenger, or a SkyTeam Elite Plus passenger. You are welcome to visit these lounges before your scheduled departure or transfer. 

You will find SkyTeam Branded Lounges at the following airports:

• Dubai (DXB)
• London Heathrow (LHR)
• Sydney (SYD)
• Beijing (BJS)
• Hong Kong (HKG)
• Vancouver (YVR)

Find your airport lounges

Aside from the KLM and SkyTeam Lounges, our passengers can access lounges of partners worldwide. Would you like to know if your airport has a lounge and what amenities that lounge has to offer? Check out the Lounge Finder.

Lounge Finder


Who can access the lounges?

If you are wondering if you have access to one of our lounges or if you can invite a guest, check out our lounge access policy. In general, you can access a lounge if you are a First Class or Business Class passenger, a Flying Blue Platinum or Gold member, or a SkyTeam Elite Plus passenger.

Which lounges can you access?