Check in with your mobile phone

Check in for your flight anywhere, anytime. Just use your mobile phone. And we make it even easier: for most flights you can also receive an electronic boarding pass on your mobile phone.

Can I use mobile check-in?

You can use mobile check-in:

  • with your mobile phone with internet access.
  • for yourself and for all other travellers in your group
  • for all KLM operated flights, and many other flights.

There are some exceptions for check-in on for mobile. These are the same as when you would check in online via the full version of

How does it work?

Mobile check-in

Step 1 – for mobile
Use your mobile phone, enter ‘’ and then go to ‘check-in’. If you received a check-in text message, skip this step and simply use the link in the text message.  
Step 2 – Log in 
Enter your e-ticket number or booking code and flight number, and your personal details will appear on the screen. 

Step 3 – Seat and baggage
You will see your assigned seat number aboard the aircraft; if you want, you can change this seat. Or, go for a seat with more comfort. Want to bring more baggage? Arrange it at a 20% discount!

Step 4 – Boarding pass
Depending on your route and the options provided by your phone and cellular subscription, you can receive your boarding pass by e-mail. The quality of the barcode will be the same no matter how you receive it.

  • E-mail: you will receive one message with your check-in details and a barcode.

If you cannot receive an electronic boarding pass for your flight, you can print your boarding pass at home or at the airport.

What is an electronic boarding pass?

Mobile electronic boarding card

An electronic boarding pass contains all your flight details and a barcode that will be scanned at the airport during boarding. This means that you do not need to print this boarding pass.

In combination with your passport or proof of identity, you can get through all the checks at the airport. As with a paper boarding pass, the electronic boarding pass makes it possible to use all the facilities at the airport.

An electronic boarding pass does not state any information on your Flying Blue membership, so make sure to bring along your Flying Blue membership card in order to profit from all the advantages offered at your membership level!

Check if an electronic boarding pass is available for your departure airport

How can I get a printed boarding pass if needed?

Should your phone battery be dead or if you have forgotten your mobile phone, you can still print out a boarding pass at one of our kiosks, or at a check-in desk at the airport. This can be done up until 30 minutes before departure.  

View the check-in services per departure airport

Baggage check-in

After you have checked in, you can drop your check-in baggage at a baggage drop-off point at the airport.

View the baggage drop-off times

Checked in? Go to your Flight Guide

Love to find out what will be on the menu and discover all about your flight, crew and aircraft? You can go to your Flight Guide via My Trip. Flight Guide can be used on any device, so be sure to save it to your mobile phone or tablet home screen before travelling!

Flight Guide is available from 31 days before departure of any KLM flight.

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