Passengers of size

All our passengers deserve a comfortable seat on board. We have special arrangements for our passengers of size.

A second seat

To ensure everyone on board has a comfortable and safe flight, all passengers should be able to effortlessly move the arm rests of their seat on board up and down.

The space in between arm rests per aircraft type:

Boeing 737, Fokker 70, EMBRAER 190:

  • Economy Class: 43 cm (17,4 inch)
  • Europe Select: 43 cm (17,4 inch)


Boeing 747, 777, Airbus 330:

  • Economy Class: 44 cm (17,9 inch)
  • World Business Class: 50 cm (20 inch)


If you compromise a portion of the adjacent seat(s) on a KLM operated flight, we advise you to book a second adjacent seat in advance. A second adjacent seat can only be purchased by calling KLM Telephone Reservations. You will receive a 25% discount on the second seat. If, upon departure, another seat was available in the same travel class on your flight, you can apply for a refund of the costs of the second seat.

In the interest of safety, if you have not booked a second adjacent seat and no second seat is available in the same travel class on your flight, you may not be allowed to travel if your size does not permit you to sit properly in a single seat.

You can apply for a refund by calling us, or by contacting your travel agent.

Contact KLM Customer Contact Centre
Read more about compensation and refunds



If you have booked two seats, a specific pair of seats will be assigned to you. When you log on to My Trip, you can not view or change these seats. Before departure, you should check in at the check-in desk at the airport.

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You may bring the amount of luggage as stated on your (e-)ticket. If you have purchased a second adjacent seat, the standard baggage allowance for 1 passenger still applies. You can find this on your ticket. You can arrange for extra luggage when checking in at the desk at the airport.

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