• Only Omani nationals, and their family members; all GCC citizens/nationals or
  • Valid resident visa holders are allowed to enter Oman.
  • Residents who have an employment visa and have stayed out of Oman for more than 180 days need to have a clearance from their sponsor and Royal Oman Police – Department of Immigration and Residence.
  • Family visa holders are exempt from the 180 days restrictions, provided the visa remains valid upon arrival.

Tourist visa holders are NOT allowed to enter Oman and visa upon arrival facility is not applicable

  • Effective 8th November 2020 all passengers arriving into Oman ( Muscat )should have a valid PCR certificate which should be valid and issued within 96 hours of arrival into MCT.
  • Passengers will have to be under quarantine for 7 days after entering Oman and will have to undergo PCR test again on 8th day and based on the results of the PCR test of the 8th day further action will be taken.
  • All passengers including Omani and GCC Citizens must download and register themselves on Tarassud+ app (Ministry of Health app) before departure and pay the necessary fees online as applicable in order to expedite their arrival process.    -   IOS Link  & Android  Link       
  • Passengers staying longer than 7 days have to download HMushrif app: IOS Link  & Android Link   
  • All Non Omani passengers should have insurance coverage for the period of 30 days from arrival to cover the cost of treatment for COVID 19. Children under the age of 15 years are exempted from the PCR-Test. International Transit and transfer is now allowed from Muscat as per following regulations. 

Visa transit Oman admission and transit restrictions:

  • Passports must be machine readable to enter and transit. twov (transit without visa):Visa required, except for passengers with a confirmed onward ticket for a flight to a third country within 24 hours. 
  • The connecting flight must be booked on the same ticket. 
  • Passengers must stay in the international transit area of the airport and posses all required documents for the next destination.
We advise you to check the health requirements (e.g. wearing a face mask) and additional entry documentation of the country you’re travelling to on their government’s website. Make sure to Check the requirements of your trip. 