New baggage rules for Ivory members

18 June 2014 | On European KLM flights booked per 1 October 2014, Flying Blue Ivory members will be able to bring hand baggage free of charge only. Ivory members can then bring a suitcase for EUR 7.50 or 1500 Miles – if arranged on

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New baggage rules

For KLM flights, you have the choice to reserve extra options such as our extra comfortable seat types. This way, we can keep our ticket prices nice and lean.

The same goes for baggage on our European flights. After all, many travellers within Europe travel lightly - with hand baggage only. And why pay for something you don’t use?

Until now, all Flying Blue members could check in at least 1 suitcase for free on any KLM flight.

To continue keeping our tickets nicely priced, Ivory Flying Blue members will be able to take only hand baggage free of charge on European flights that are booked on or after 1 October on They can check in a suitcase for just EUR 7.50 per one-way, if arranged on Paying with Miles is also possible.

The new rules apply to tickets that are issued on or after 1 October – so if you book through a travel agent, please check with them when booking before that date.

Silver, Gold or Platinum Flying Blue members on any KLM flight, and everyone travelling on an intercontinental KLM flight, can continue to check in at least 1 bag for free – both in Economy Class and Business Class.


What’s my baggage allowance?

In a nutshell, here’s what Ivory Flying Blue members can expect from European KLM flights booked on or after 1 October 2014:

  • 1 hand bag and 1 accessory (combined up to 12 kg!) you can continue to bring for free in the cabin
  • You can bring a suitcase for EUR 7.50 (one way) if arranged on In My Trip or when checking in on you can also pay with 1500 Miles. The airport fee will be EUR 15 (one way).

On all European (and intercontinental) KLM flights that you book before 1 October 2014, Ivory members can check in 1 suitcase free of charge. If you’d like to take more, you can also arrange this at a 20% discount on

Booked a flight? Log in to My Trip to view your personal baggage allowance.
Don’t have a booking? Check the baggage rules and fees per KLM flight


Bring more for less

You can arrange to take (extra) check-in baggage for KLM flights on (also on your mobile), as early as you want and at a discount:

  • While booking your flight on
  • Through My Trip, until 48 hours before departure (also pay with Miles)
  • When checking in, from 30 hours until 1 hour before departure (also pay with Miles)

Once at the airport, arranging (extra) baggage is possible at a self-service machine, a baggage drop-off point or at the desk. You’ll then be charged the airport fee – so don’t miss out on the discount on!

Read more about our general baggage rules