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Amsterdam from $ 733 Find deals
The above are round trip fares in economy class. Taxes included. Other conditions applies depending the destination. To purchase until May 2nd 2016. To travel from Lima since April 20th until May 10th, 2016. Minimum stay: 5 days or Sunday. Maximum stay 1 month. Changes permitted before and after the flight for USD240.00. Refunds permitted for USD400.00. After departure, nonrefundable ticket. Rates are subject to conditions and availability. There are local taxes and fees in each country, which may vary.

Economy Promo Fares from Europe

Frankfurt from $ 550 Find deals
Paris from $ 590 Find deals
Barcelona from $ 621 Find deals
London from $ 666 Find deals
Rome from $ 677 Find deals
Amsterdam from $ 679 Find deals
Manchester from $ 689 Find deals
Milan from $ 720 Find deals
Venice from $ 730 Find deals

Economy Promo Fares from Asia

Hong Kong from $ 1,198 Find deals
Guangzhou from $ 1,485 Find deals

New Economy Promo Fares to Europe

Frankfurt from $ 500 Find deals
Paris from $ 517 Find deals
The fares are round trip in Economy via: KLM via Panama-Amsterdam. Taxes included but may vary according to the final destination. Other conditions may apply according to the class of reservation and destination. Purchase period until May 04th, 2016. Travel Period April 29th - June 30th / September 1st - December 14th, 2016. Maximum stay: 3 months. One free stopover in Amsterdam. Penalty for date changes USD240.00. Cancellation before departure: USD400.00. Fares are conditioned to availability.

Economy Promo Fares from Europe

Nice from $ 735 Find deals
Madrid from $ 735 Find deals
Geneva from $ 760 Find deals
Istanbul from $ 780 Find deals
Lisbon from $ 802 Find deals
Copenhagen from $ 803 Find deals
Zurich from $ 814 Find deals
Stuttgart from $ 951 Find deals
Dublin from $ 984 Find deals

Economy Promo Fares from Middle East

Beirut from $ 1,120 Find deals
Tel Aviv from $ 1,453 Find deals
Dubai from $ 1,633 Find deals
Amman from $ 1,726 Find deals
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