New: KLM Travel Guide

8 May 2014 | Where to next? Planet earth is riddled with amazing places! Let us surprise you with destinations you hadn’t thought of, and find out everything about your next stop.

Explore your next adventure

KLM Travel Guide

Your best journey is yet to come! Indicate what you love best – in terms of activities (fancy a round of golf? love shopping?) or theme (culinary? outdoorsy?).

Next, check out your dream destination – or compare similar places - in KLM’s brand new online Travel Guide! You can even narrow down your search by indicating your budget and/or region.

For hundreds of destinations you can read why they are worth a visit, from famous attractions to hidden gems. To start your trip well prepared, we have added a lot of practical info as well, like details about the climate, local currency and getting to and from the airport.


Lowest prices, best deals

For each destination you can see the lowest ticket prices available in the months ahead, so you know when best to book. Also you can see the number of flights per day or per week, and total travel time. Once you’ve made your choice, booking your dream journey is just a matter of clicks.

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