New Air France codeshare flights from Manila to Paris in partnership with KLM

Enjoy a shorter route and seamless connections from Manila to Paris. The new codeshare service allows you to fly with KLM from Manila to Taipei and connecting to Air France from Taipei to Paris!

Flight Schedule (Summer schedule : 31 Mar 2020 – 24 Oct 2020)

            FLIGHT              ROUTE             DEP               ARR
AF8415  (Operated by KLM)MANILA — TAIPEI  (Departs Tue, Thu, Sat)           20:05             22:30
AF557  (Operated by Air France)TAIPEI — PARIS  CDG           00:45             08:45
AF552  (Operated by Air France)PARIS CDG — TAIPEI  (Departs Mon, Fri)           20:00        14:50 +1 day
AF8414  (Operated by KLM)TAIPEI — MANILA           16:20             18:45

*The information provided is subject to changes without notice.