Business Desk

All the expertise of Air France at the service of the companies

A unique expertise of a famous international airline company

The Air France Business Desk service is based on a rigorous quality process and adapted services. Passengers are offered a tailor-made service.

* Dedicated team for your company.

* Your company will benefit of the most competetive service fee.

* Travelers of your company benefit by support and assistance through 200 Air France sales agencies    located in cities and airports all around the world.

* In case of a modificated or delayed flight, your partners are aware of everything thanks to the       ROC (Reservations Operations Center) that always offers them a solution.

* Your waiting lists are professionally taken care of.

* Your company will get a personalized invoice and will be able to choose the mode of payment.


Thanks to our partners: a complete service

The AIR FRANCE Business Desk also organizes your business travel with other airlines companies. You are also eligible for ancillary services such as hotel reservation and car rental.
Because your travel does not only rely on your ticket.


Savings Management: our statistics make the monitoring of your budget easier

* We provide you with advice for your travel politicy.

* We are bound to respect the conditions of your contract with AIR FRANCE and to look always for the best available fares.

* You are offered special negociated fares for every aspects of your journey
(Plane tickets, car rental and hotel reservation).


Ticket reservation and information

Contact us:

Dedicated line: +48 22 556 64 34
fax: +48 22 556 64 55