Terms and conditions for à la carte meals in Economy Class

On many of our intercontinental KLM flights, we offer à la carte meals. Here’s what you need to know about ordering an à la carte meal.

1. A la carte meals

1.1 Against additional payment, KLM offers you the option to select in advance the meal of your choice to be served in Economy Class during the KLM flight. This service is called “à la carte meal”. This optional service is offered during online booking and online check-in at KLM.com and at ‘My Trip’. Ordering can be done for most intercontinental flights operated by KLM departing from Amsterdam (with a KL flight number or different flight number). Regular free meals are always available.
1.2 The à la carte meals served during the KLM flight may differ in size, taste or appearance from the visual and/or textual description on KLM.com. The ingredients may be substituted by equivalent food components without prior notice.
1.3 Once you have ordered an à la carte meal, it is not possible to change or cancel your order.
1.4 If you wish or require a special meal for religious reasons, food allergy or intolerance, or another reason (e.g. vegetarianism), you may request a special meal until 24 hours (Kosher meals: until 36 hours) before departure of your flight. If you have requested a special meal, you can not order an à la carte meal.
1.5 KLM does not provide detailed a list of the ingredients of the à la carte meals. If you have a food intolerance or allergy, we recommend not to select an à la carte meal. Any consequences resulting from intolerance for or allergies to any food ingredient are entirely your responsibility.
1.6 KLM’s General Conditions of Carriage are an integral part of these conditions.


2. Requirements and qualifications

2.1 In order to utilize an à la carte meal, you represent and warrant that you possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement and subsequently to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement; and
2.2 You further represent that all information supplied by you in order to request an à la carte meal is accurate and that you will not make any speculative, false or fraudulent reservation. You further represent that you will only make reservations for yourself or for another person on whose behalf you are entitled to act and which person also complies with the requirements set out in paragraph 2.1.

3. Refund

3.1 Should the à la carte meal you ordered not be available, you will be served a regular meal. If we do not serve you the ordered à la carte meal, or if you bought an upgrade to Business Class, you are entitled to a refund representing the amount you paid for the à la carte meal.
3.2 If your flight is rescheduled or rebooked, the catering of your à la carte meal may not be served accordingly.
3.3 In case of a voluntary rebooking your à la carte meal will not be refunded.
3.4 You can request a refund by filling out our refund form.
3.5 No refund will be made if you do not meet the above-mentioned criteria.

4. Use of your contact details

4.1 Your name and flight details will be used by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and KLM Catering Services BV for the fulfillment of your order in accordance with the KLM privacy policy.
4.2 If you choose to provide your e-mail address, we may use this to send you a receipt, inform you about the status of your order and ask you to give feedback on the à la carte meal service.