Special assistance throughout your trip

Do you need special assistance at the airport or on board? Read more on how you can use the specially adapted facilities and services, and how we can assist you in planning and booking your flight.

Requesting special assistance

Make sure to request special assistance as far in advance of your flight as possible, but at least 48 hours before departure, to give us enough time to arrange it for you. The more information we have about your special requirements, the better prepared we will be to meet your needs. If we receive your request within 48 hours before departure, we will still do our very best to assist you, but we cannot guarantee to provide you the assistance you need in time.

Want to request special assistance?


Requesting special assistance is needed if:

  • You need assistance at the airport or during boarding, disembarking or transferring
  • You are bringing your own (electric) wheelchair or scooter
  • You are bringing special medical equipment, even if you are not using the equipment on board
  • You are bringing your assistance dog into the cabin
  • Your leg needs to stay in a horizontal position (in a cast), due to medical reasons
  • You need assistance due to a visual or hearing impairment
  • You cannot climb stairs or cannot walk at all
  • You cannot walk long distances (for instance between the check-in area and the departure gate, between your gate and the arrival hall, or between gates when in transit)
  • You need to make use of medical facilities aboard the aircraft (such as medical oxygen)

Requesting special assistance not possible or necessary

Arrange your own safety assistant or travelling companion

  • If you are travelling alone and you cannot evacuate independently in the unlikely event of an emergency, it is necessary to arrange a safety assistant who can assist you. You can either arrange it yourself or ask the KLM staff at the airport to help you find someone. Without a safety assistant to assist you during your flight, boarding will be refused.
  • If you require help while administrating your medication, making use of the toilet or eating, you need to arrange your own travelling companion to assist you during your flight. In these cases, we do not offer special assistance.

Special assistance via partner airlines
On flights operated by KLM, you can rely on the availability of all special care services and facilities. However, some of our flights are operated by partner airlines. On these flights, not all services and facilities might be available. We advise you to check with your travel organisation or directly with the airline to see which facilities you can count on.


At the airport

Departure from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
If you’re departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the assistance at the airport is facilitated by Schiphol. Wheelchairs and assistance are available for passengers having difficulty moving between the different parking areas and the departure hall. This assistance can be requested by contacting Amsterdam Airport Schiphol .

If you’ve requested assistance, please check in at the following check-in desks:

  • Economy Class: check-in desk 8 (Schengen countries) or check-in desk 16 (non-Schengen countries)
  • Business Class: check-in desks 10 or 11

After check-in and baggage drop-off, or if you have checked in online in advance, continue to the Assistance desk of the airport, located in the departure hall. The assistants of Schiphol will happily guide you from there.

Please make sure to arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at least 30 minutes before , or 1 hour if you’re bringing your own electric wheelchair. Do you have a transfer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? We strongly advise you to plan a minimum of 90 minutes transfer time in between your flights.

Watch the videos to learn more about special assistance upon your departure  and arrival and transfer  at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Airport Medical Services  handles medical support services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. They also have ambulance services available.

Lounges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
If you are eligible for lounge access and time allows, we can assist you to and from the lounge. Our KLM lounges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are accessible for passengers with reduced mobility and have specially equipped toilets to accommodate their special needs. The KLM Crown Lounges are not specially equipped with showers for passengers with reduced mobility.

Read more about our lounges and our lounge access policy

Departure from another airport
We advise you to check with your travel organisation or directly with the airport to see which facilities you can count on.


Boarding and disembarking

Staff will be available to assist you with boarding, disembarking, and transferring if you have requested this service in advance and register yourself at the special assistance desks. To enhance safety, and for privacy reasons, passengers with reduced mobility may board the aircraft first. For the same reasons, these passengers are asked to be the last to disembark upon arrival.


During your flight

Our cabin crew is highly qualified to ensure flight safety and comfort of all our passengers. You may discuss all your wishes and needs with them during the flight. However, our flight attendants are not allowed to assist you with personal hygiene or eating. Next to that, they are not permitted to lift or carry passengers or provide medical services. If you require help while administrating your medication, making use of the toilet or eating, you need to arrange your own travelling companion to assist you during your flight.

Do you need a special meal because of your medical diet? For intercontinental KLM flights, you can order a variety of special meals.