KLM Delft Blue houses stamps

10 January 2012 | Post NL has issued special stamps that depict KLM’s Delft Blue houses. You can temporarily buy 3 different sets online via Shop@KLM.

KLM Postal stamps 2012

KLM Delft Blue houses stamps

The latest sets of stamps issued by Post NL are great items for collectors. Of course the stamps can also be used for sending mail – within Europe or around the world.

There are 3 sets of stamps:

  • A set with 10 ‘Europe 2012’ stamps, depicting the house ‘De Drie Haringen’ in Deventer (house 92);
  • A set of 10 ‘World 2012’ stamps, depicting the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam (house 48)
  • A combination set 'Europe and World 2012', with 2 stamps ‘Europe 2012’ and 2 stamps ‘World 2012’.

Each stamp has a special code, which can be scanned with the Chameleon Explorer app. This enables you to view background information about both Delfts Blue houses online. You can download this app in the App Store or Android Market.

You can now buy the sets online via Shop@KLM.

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