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Your best journey yet starts on KLM.com. With your personal KLM account or Flying Blue space, you can manage your profile, preferences and flight bookings on KLM.com and access a wide range of online services.

Activate your KLM account

With a KLM account, you’re in charge! Easily access your secured KLM account pages on KLM.com at any time:

  • Save personal details and preferences and conveniently have them pre-filled during booking, check-in and whenever else you need them.
  • You can also save details and preferences for your travel companions.
  • Safely store your passport and payment details and Advance Passenger Information.
  • View your saved flight schedules and finalise bookings of flights you took an option on.
  • Be among the first to receive our new offers and indicate which interest you most.

Question about your KLM account? We are here for you 24/7: contact us.

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…or become Flying Blue member

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Prefer to use all features of a KLM account and enjoy all Flying Blue benefits? As a Flying Blue member, you can earn Miles, book award tickets, get discounts, access exclusive services and much, much more!

The more you fly with KLM or our partners, the sooner you reach the next tier levels – Silver, Gold and Platinum – and enjoy even more perks and advantages.

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Already have a KLM account? Upgrade to a Flying Blue space now (it’s free!). Simply log in to your KLM account, go to ‘Flying Blue’ and select ‘Upgrade now’.

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New: Business travel management made easy

Travel Manager screen

Want to have someone else arrange your (business) trips? You can appoint a Travel Manager in your KLM account or Flying Blue space.

You could, for example, give a colleague at work access to part of your profile, who will then be able to book and manage business trips for you.

Alternatively, you can become a Travel Manager on KLM.com by inviting others to allow you to book and manage trips for them.

A Travel Manager can:

  • Use the traveller’s details and preferences when booking business flights for them.
  • Prefill a traveller’s passport and other details, but not view or use their personal payment information.
  • Check in a traveller and send them their boarding pass.
  • Quickly access the traveller’s current booking

Only travellers can change their own personal details. They can always book their own flights as well. Both parties can end the travel management relationship at any time.

Appoint a colleague, friend or family member as your travel manager, or invite them to allow you to book and manage their (business) trips: log in to your KLM or Flying Blue space.

Find out more about Business Travel Management


Login not possible?

At the top right of any KLM.com page, you can access your KLM account or Flying Blue space. We’ll ask you to log in when booking, in My Trip or checking in, to conveniently prefill details and benefit from perks and discounts.

Log in to your KLM account using your unique e-mail address and password. If you have lost your password, we’d be happy to send you a new one:

Request a new KLM account password

Log in to your Flying Blue space by entering your e-mail address or Flying Blue number and your password. If you have lost them, here's what to do:

Retrieve your Flying Blue number

Request a new PIN code


Connect your social account

Flyin Blue log in screen

Take a shortcut to your bookings or check-in. KLM and Flying Blue members can also log in with their social media account on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social media accounts.

Log in now with your social media account

Don’t have a KLM account yet? Register now through your preferred social network.

It works the same on your mobile device: simply use the same social network to log in to any KLM app. Once signed in, the app will remember you.