Flying Blue: four levels, dozens of benefits

Flying Blue appreciates your loyalty. And in return, we like to treat you as a VIP. Of course, the more often you fly with us, the more exclusive the treatment gets. It all starts with Ivory, our first membership level. But you will see it only gets better and better when you upgrade to Silver, then Gold and ultimately Platinum.

Levels & benefits

Flying Blue Cards

How is your membership level determined?

Your level is determined by the number of Level Miles you have earned or the number of qualifying flights you have made:

  • You can earn Level Miles on most flights taken with AIR FRANCE, KLM or any other SkyTeam airline. In general, every mile you fly earns you one Flying Blue Mile.

  • A qualifying flight is a one-way flight made with a SkyTeam airline, which enables you to earn Level Miles.

Required thresholds per membership level, per calendar year

Membership levelRequired number of
Level Miles
 Required number of qualifying flights
Ivoryentry level  entry level
25,000 Level Miles
(30,000 in France and Monaco)
 or  15 qualifying flights
(Elite Plus)
40,000 Level Miles
(60,000 in France and Monaco)
 or30 qualifying flights
(Elite Plus)
70,000 Level Miles
(90,000 in France and Monaco)
 or60 qualifying flights

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How to upgrade your membership level
Every level has a threshold: a certain number of Level Miles or qualifying flights a member needs to reach in order to upgrade to the next level. The table above shows the thresholds for each level. As soon as you reach the next level`s threshold of Level Miles or qualifying flights, you will be upgraded and get to enjoy the new benefits straightaway!

How to maintain your membership level
On 31 December of each year, your Level Miles and qualifying flights balance from the previous 12 months is checked. This is called the Annual Level Check. To keep your membership level, you need to have reached either of these two thresholds:

  • minimum number of Level Miles specified for one calendar year, or
  • required number of qualifying flights specified for one calendar year

If you have not reached either threshold, your membership level will be downgraded.


Good to know

Carry over Level Miles

On 31 December of each year, all Flying Blue Elite members, who have earned Level Miles above the Miles threshold required to maintain their current membership level, will carry over the surplus of Level Miles to the next year. This also applies when a higher level is reached. Members who have not maintained their membership level will not carry over their Level Miles.

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