One ticket = One tree

At KLM, we are pioneers in implementing measures that reduce environmental impact. Our social responsibility policy with the environment contributes to the recovery and sustainable development of the territories where our aircrafts take off and land.

Hence, we have launched a campaign in 2018, for each ticket our customers purchased; we have donated a tree to help the recovery of the ecosystem in the Iberian Peninsula.

The trees have been planted in Portugal by Reforest´Action  in collaboration with the Regional Administration and many forest experts of the area. This project allowed the recovery of the ecosystems devastated by the wildfires of June 2017. The intention is to recover the biodiversity of the area with native species and favor the fight against climate change. Our tree donation project will be completed by March 2019, with 6,400 trees (20% of the total project) planted to reforest Pinhal Interior North City: Macao and Abrantes which were heavily affected by natural disasters.

KLM integrates its CSR strategy into business and operations, divided into four pillars: environment, customer experience, employee engagement and local development. For KLM, the main objective at the environmental level is to reduce the carbon footprint by improving our operations.