KLM Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy, we explain how we collect and use your personal data.

About this privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to all personal data that KLM processes when customers use our websites or mobile apps or contact us. We process your personal data primarily to handle your bookings, arrange your trips and purchases, and answer your questions. We may also use your data to send you offers adjusted to your interests and preferences.

In this privacy policy, we provide more information about the personal data we collect and use and what your rights are. Please click on the relevant paragraph below for more information.

Please check the Flying Blue privacy policy  for more information on the collection and use of your personal data in relation to our Flying Blue loyalty programme.
  • 1. Who we are

  • 2. Types of personal data we collect and use

  • 3. How we collect your data

  • 4. Purposes for which we use your data

  • 5. Granting access to or sharing data with third parties

  • 6. Security and retention

  • 7. International transfer of data

  • 8. Your rights

  • 9. How this privacy policy is updated