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In November you will get an opportunity to discover the amazing world of Central America together with our famous traveller. In the video blog, we will share travel tips, experience and advices about the most exciting attractions and locations in Panama. Stay in touch to ensure that you do not miss the launch of our interesting project.

Panama City, skyscrapers and tropical jungles


Book a flight to Panama City and experience the modern city life close to tropical jungles. You may find there cultural events, inspiring adventures as well as a calm and picturesque place to relax.

It’s an ideal site for business activities and shopping. Enjoy playing golf, surfing the waves, climbing the volcano, walking in jungles, fishing and rafting, visit Indian community. Discover how the pre-Columbian heritage and amazing nature connected to modern business center.



Flight no.  Departure Arrival DurationFrequency
Panama City KL0757    11:2516:4011:10daily
Amsterdam KL0758  18:5511:10(+1day)10:05daily

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Panama City from 57000 RUB - book your flight


Enter the world of Panama City today!


Those who are looking for that real tropical adventure should book tickets to Darien, the undiscovered territory of Panama's tropical rain forest. Coffee lovers will be excited about a trip to the coffee plantations of Chiriqui Highlands, while traveling in the lush, wildlife-rich Canal Zone, bird watchers and adrenaline junkies alike will captivate you.

Good flight connections within the country of Panama will allow you to embark yoursef on a culinary journey with smoked tuna and coconut rice on the Kuna Yala Islands deep-fried, calamari in Bocas del Toro, or to make beans and rice on the Azuero Peninsula.

Now you can fly there with KLM, daily via Amsterdam - Schiphol. Take use of Copa Airlines hub located in Panama and fly further to Central America for bright experience.

With tickets in February, you can dive on the Azuero Peninsula in the carnival crowd full of splendor and glory.


On site in Panama City

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You can find important information for your visit to Panama City in our online destination guide. In addition to info on the upcoming events you will also learn about popular sights, the best shopping possibilities, restaurants, the current weather forecast and much more. 


Panama City from 57000 RUB - book your flight