Airport Schiphol!

Amsterdam Schiphol is one of the most attractive airports in the world!

Schiphol online


Schiphol provides you wireless internet access from anywhere in the airport terminal. There are two options available: Free and Premium WiFi services. Free WiFi offers you up to one hour of free use of the wireless Internet with any device enabling you to log in. You may use 2x 30 minutes of Internet time for instance. Premium WiFi provides high speed Internet access. To access Premium Wifi you will need to purchase an access code. You may purchase a code online by credit card via your own device or a fixed computer, via the payment machine (using a credit card) at the KPN Internet Centres and Zones, or at a nearby retail outlet.

The KPN Internet Centres and Zones are located at Schiphol Plaza and after passport control in Departure Lounge 1, Departure Lounge 2 (first floor), Departure Lounge 3 (Pier G), Pier C (near C10), Pier D and Departure Lounge 4 (Pier M).

Simply switch on your device, select the ‘KPN’ network, open the Internet browser and follow the instructions on the login page. You will see the two options: ‘Free WiFi’ and ‘Premium WiFi’. Visit Schiphol online.


Shop till you drop?

duty free

It is popular with not only convenient connections for transit passengers but also with its shopping possibilities. There are a lot of small and large shops where passengers can spend their time and money to get different pleasant goods and services. You can find different kinds of goods fitted with your own taste: perfumes and cosmetics, electronics, fashion, gifts, Holland gifts & souvenirs, fashionable jewelry and watches, delicatessen, chocolates, leather, flowers and bulbs, books, and many other things of your dream.