Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions KLM Saudi Arabia

The best price guarantee applies to all fares that are available to the general public. If you find a lower fare online for the same KLM flight, itinerary and cabin, you can file a refund claim.

Guarantee requirements

For a claim to be valid under this guarantee, it must satisfy all Terms and Conditions and be submitted in compliance with the Claims Processing procedures. All claims must be made by midnight of the same day on which the ticket is purchased. KLM must be able to verify the lower online published price at the time of claim and that the lower price does not exist on Other methods of verification (e.g., fax, phone, screen prints) are not eligible. Guarantee is valid only for lower prices found online for the exact same flight, exact itinerary, exact cabin, and exact same class of service and purchased on the same day as the original online purchase. Prices must be in the same cabin (World Business Class or Economy), and for the exact same flights that carry the same price restrictions. Tickets purchased must be Saudi Arabia point of sale and purchased at only. Guarantee applies only to tickets purchased with a Saudi Arabia billing address. Furthermore, the lower price on the other website must be bookable with this billing address and be in the same currency as the price of the ticket purchased at  Guarantee applies only if the request is made by the same person as is mentioned in the ticket. The guarantee applies only on itineraries wholly operated and marketed by KLM.

Claim form processing: A claim submittal web form is available at To submit this claim form, fill in all required fields and click 'Submit.' Someone from Customer Service will contact you via e-mail. We reserve the right to deny any claims that cannot be reasonably verified, or for which you have provided incomplete information. All claims must be made by midnight on the same day the original ticket is purchased. Claims may not be made through any other KLM form or phone number. 

Guarantee exceptions: The Best Price Guarantee does not apply to: a.) Unpublished prices that are not available to the general public. Prices not available to the general public include, but are not limited to, corporate discount fares, military fares, meeting fares, wholesaler fares, and other discount fares. b.) Package fares. Airfares sold as part of a travel package. c.) Fares where the carrier or itinerary details are unknown until after purchase and other discount fares. d.) Differences of less than SAR 50.

Other conditions: KLM reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time without notice.