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As a Flying Blue member, you can spend Miles in many ways – on flights and upgrades of course, but also on hotels, car rentals, event tickets, and many more products and services.

Spend Miles on flights

Fancy a short break? Check your Miles balance and you might even be able to book your flight with Miles. Read more about the different award ticket options we have to offer you.

Check out our different award tickets

Spend Miles on flight-related services

Why not treat yourself to that bit of extra comfort? A nice meal, more legroom, or even an upgrade to the next travel class – book it in return for your Miles.

Check out the different award options

Spend Miles on hotels, rental cars and other products and services

Do you want to know how else you can spend your Miles? Check out what our Flying Blue Store has to offer you.

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Donate your Miles to charity

Feeling bighearted? Donate your Miles to one of our charities and help them to help others.

Check out the charities you can help with Miles

Check out our Miles Calculator

How many Miles do you need? Use the Miles Calculator to see how many Miles you need for your next flight.

Check out our Miles Calculator