Travel with a celebrity

25 May 2012 | Did you grab your chance and won an inspiring trip with a famous travel companion?

Be My Guest

Travel with a celebrity

Our campaign ‘Be my Guest’, with which you could win a trip sitting next to your favourite celebrity, has now ended.

Tune in to KLM on Facebook  or KLM on Twitter   for our next fun actions.


Meet & Seat

If you want to find out who will be on board your KLM flight anyway, you can. If you have booked an intercontinental KLM flight to or from Amsterdam and if you are travelling alone, you can now see who else will be on board and where they will be sitting - from 90 days before departure.

All you need is a Facebook or LinkedIn account. First, log in to My Trip. Go to the tab ‘Seating’ and then to ‘Meet & Seat'.

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