Article 11- 15

Articles 11 to 15 of our general conditions of carriage for passengers and baggage.


11.1 The flights and flight Schedules listed in the Schedule Indicators are not binding in any way and thus have no contractual value. These are solely intended to inform Passengers of the flights offered by the Carrier. Said Schedule Indicators are not definitive and are liable to be changed after their publication date.

11.2 On the other hand, the flight Schedules printed on the Ticket are deemed, subject to changes for reasons beyond the control of the Carrier, to form an integral part of the Contract of Carriage.

11.3 In the event of a change in the Schedule Indicators, the Passenger will be informed using the contact details provided when the booking was made. It the Passenger’s responsibility to provide the Carrier with their contact details so that they can be contacted in the event of a change in the planned flights as they appear on the Ticket. In the event of a change of the Schedule Indicators and the Passenger decides against Transportation, the Passenger can apply for a refund as stated in Article 14.


12.1 The Carrier will take all reasonable measures to avoid delay in carrying the Passenger and their Baggage. In order to prevent a flight cancellation or delay, Carrier may arrange for a flight to be operated on its behalf by an alternative Carrier and/or aircraft and/or other means of transport.

12.2 In the event of a flight cancellation or delay, the Carrier will implement all the provisions of the applicable regulations. Information relating to passenger rights in case of delays and cancellations is available from the Carrier and its Authorised Agents and on the KLM Website.


13.1 In the event the Carrier decides to deny boarding the Passenger, due to overbooking or other reasons, with the result that the Carrier is not in a position to offer a seat to the Passenger, even though the Passenger has a valid Ticket and has arrived for check-in and boarding in accordance with the required timeframes and conditions, the Carrier shall grant the Passenger the compensation provided for by the relevant applicable regulations, where applicable.

13.2 In the event that the Passenger is placed in a lower class than that for which the Ticket was purchased, the Carrier will refund the difference in Fares, under the conditions specified by the relevant applicable regulations. Information relating to passenger rights in case of Denied Boarding and downgrading is available from the Carrier and its Authorised Agents and on the KLM Website.


14.1 The refund of a Ticket, in whole or in part, will take place in accordance with the conditions defined in this Article 14, in accordance with the Ticket’s fare conditions and all circumstances with the relevant applicable regulations.

14.2 A refund, where it is authorized by the Ticket’s fare conditions, will be paid on the basis of Fare Including Tax paid for the Ticket.

14.3 Request for the refund of a Ticket must be submitted to the issuer of the Ticket (the Carrier or Authorised Agent, as applicable).

14.4 The Carrier shall refuse to grant a refund:
(a) For any Ticket, if the request is made after expiry of the Ticket’s validity period.
(b) For a Ticket which meets the legislative or regulatory requirement to possess a Ticket that enables the Passenger to leave the country, unless such Passenger provides sufficient proof to establish that they are authorized to reside in said country or that they will leave using another Carrier, or by any other means of carriage.
(c) For a Ticket, in case the holder is not admitted by the authorities of the Place of Destination, Agreed Stopping Place or Stopover, and if the Passenger was returned to their boarding point or to any other destination for this reason.
(d) For a stolen, forged or counterfeit Ticket.
(e) For Passengers who did not comply with the conditions as stated in Article 8.
(f) For Passengers that are refused Carriage by the Carrier pursuant to Article 9 (f), (j) and (l).

14.5 Refunds are subject to applicable regulations in
the country in which the Ticket was originally purchased and/or to applicable regulations in the country in which the refund must be paid.


15.1 On board the aircraft, Passengers must not behave in a way that is liable to inconvenience, threaten or endanger one or more persons, property or the aircraft itself. Passengers must not hinder the crew from performing their duties and must comply with the crew´s guidance instructions and recommendations in order to ensure the security and safety of the aircraft, the smooth running of the flight and the comfort of the Passengers.

15.2 For security reasons, the Carrier may prohibit or limit the use on board the aircraft of electronic devices, such as cellular telephones, laptop computers, portable recorders, portable radios, electronic games or transmitting devices, as well as all radio-controlled games and walkie-talkies, except for hearing aids and pacemakers.

15.3 Smoking (including conventional cigarettes, electronic- or other artificial forms of smoking) is strictly prohibited on board the aircraft.

15.4 The Carrier may limit or prohibit the consumption of alcohol on board the aircraft. Consumption of any alcoholic beverages carried into the aircraft by Passengers or consumption of any duty free product bought on board the aircraft is prohibited.

15.5 Recording videos and/or taking photographs other than personal videos and photographs is prohibited on board the aircraft.

15.6 If a Passenger fails to comply with the provisions of this Article, the Carrier may take all the necessary appropriate and reasonable measures, pursuant to legislative and regulatory provisions, in order to prevent such behavior from continuing. To this end, the Carrier may use restraining measures, disembark the Passenger, refuse onward carriage of the Passenger at any point and, or report the Passenger to the local authorities.

15.7 If a Passenger does not comply with the provisions of this Article (and with those of Article 9 relating to carriage refusal and limitation) or commits a criminal or reprehensible act on board an aircraft, the Carrier reserves the right to take legal action against said Passenger and claim damages.

15.8 If as a result of Passenger’s behavior, Carrier diverts the aircraft to an unscheduled place of destination, Passenger must pay the Carrier the reasonable costs of such diversion.

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