What we can do together

On top of our own CO2 investments, we know that passengers want to play their own active role in lowering the effect of CO2 emissions. The result is a voluntary service called CO2ZERO.


CO2ZERO is a service where you compensate for your personal CO2 emissions by investing in CO2 reduction projects approved by the World Wide Fund for Nature. 

It is quite simply the easiest, most effective and least costly way to fly CO2 neutral.

KLM keeps the cost low by: 

  • avoiding costly and unnecessary intermediate agents.
  • focusing on guaranteed realisation of renewable energy projects; not the ownership but the effect of a project is what matters 
  • selecting projects in the early development stages when the prices are still low.
  • covering all overhead costs of the CO2ZERO service, so that 100% of your payment can go directly to the development of projects. 


Verification of the emission data and the methodology for calculating carbon emissions is done by KPMG Sustainability. 

Download the declaration provided by KPMG

Download the description of the calculation method

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