Need more Time to Think?

Take your time before deciding! With Time to Think, you can take an option on your selected flight.

Time to Think

Man in hammock
When booking online, you can take an option on your selected flight, for a period of 3 days maximum. During the Time to Think period, your selected seat on the flight will be reserved for you at fixed price and fare conditions.

The duration of the Time to Think period is given when you take the option, and will depend on the moment of booking, destination and fare conditions for the selected flight.

The price for taking an option varies from EUR 5 to EUR 20 per ticket, is non-refundable and is additional to the price of the ticket.

Before the option period expires, you will receive a reminder at the e-mail address you provided. To confirm the booking, simply click on the link in the e-mail and pay for the ticket online. If the Time to Think period expires, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.

An option is strictly personal and non-transferable.