Payment methods

You can choose from various payment methods for your flight reservation and extra services (e.g. seats, extra baggage etc.), depending on the country in which the booking takes place and the time of the booking. But whichever method you choose, you can rest assured that your payment is always safe.

Payment methods per country

We offer different payment methods in each country when booking a ticket or buying extra services at In some countries you will be charged a fee (depending on the chosen payment method).

View the overview of payment methods per country


Credit card

You can pay by credit card when booking a ticket at We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Depending on the country in which the booking is made, you may also have the option to pay using a Diners Club, Discover, JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) or UATP/Airplus card.

After you have selected your flight, choose ‘credit card’ under the payment options. Next, select the organisation that issued the credit card. Enter all necessary details and confirm your booking. Once your payment has been authorized, you will be sent an e-ticket by e-mail.


Paying extra secure with your credit or debit card
Some banks offer holders of Visa, Mastercard or American Express an additional security measure in the form of a PIN code or (one-time) password. This tells both the bank and us that you are the rightful owner or user of the card. If your card is eligible for the ‘Verified by Visa’, ‘Mastercard Secure Code’ or ‘American Express SafeKey’ security measure, you will be asked to enter your PIN code or password. The payment will only be accepted if the correct code or password is entered.

For more information on Verified by Visa, Mastercard Secure Code or American Express SafeKey, we recommend contacting your bank.

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Amount reserved on your credit or debit card When using a credit or debit card for a booking on, you may see within a few days that your bank account is charged with the amount needed for your purchase. In fact, your bank only reserves this amount until KLM finalises your payment, after which your account will actually be charged. This may take up to 30 days. During this time, the amount reserved may be blocked: it cannot be used for other purchases.

When purchasing multiple tickets in one transaction, some banks wrongly reserve twice the amount: once for the total amount and once per every individual ticket. As a result, it reduces the amount you have available for other purchases. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this procedure is outside the control of KLM. If you wish, you can contact your bank to request the release of the reserved amount.

Online banking

Online banking, also known as ‘Real Time Online Banking’ (RTOB), allows you to shop online safely and easily. Payment services include iDEAL, FPX, CUP Online, Nordea, eNets, POLi and Sofort. Payment by RTOB is free of charge at You can even use this payment method up to two hours prior to departure.

After you have selected your flight, choose the applicable online banking method for your country under payment methods. Select your bank and enter all required information. Once payment has been confirmed, the amount will be debited from your account. Once the bank informs us that payment has been made, we will send your e-ticket to you by e-mail. This process usually takes less than 1 hour in most countries.

With online banking, you pay through our partner Ingenico ePayments or Adyen. More information on Ingenico ePayments or Adyen can be found at the bottom of this page.



With an E-Wallet you can combine various payment options, for example your credit card and bank account - and pay via 1 digital purse.

  • PayPal: accepted on in around 40 countries (not possible with American Express Cards)
  • WeChat Pay: China only
  • Alipay: China and Hong Kong (only local credit – and debit cards)

Please make sure you can pay the full amount with your E-Wallet – some E-Wallets limit the amount paid in once. As soon as your E-Wallet provider informs us that the payment has been done, we will send you your ticket via e-mail – usually within 1 hour.


Bank transfer

In most cases, you can pay by bank transfer if the amount of time between booking and departure is at least 14 days. If you opt to pay by bank transfer, you will be asked to enter a number of details. Naturally, all information will be treated confidentially. Once the reservation is complete, you will receive a payment reference code. The reference code contains 12 numbers and is used to locate the right booking for the payment transferred. It is therefore extremely important that you enter this code correctly when making the transfer.

Once you have received the payment reference code, you can transfer the money from your own bank account. This can be done using online banking, a transfer form or a cash transaction at your bank. Make sure that the payment is made within 48 hours of making your booking.  

Your bank may charge a transfer fee for this option. For international transfers, you are always charged a ‘cross border transfer’ fee on top of the ticket price. Your bank will be able to provide you with more information about this. If we do not receive the full amount of your ticket, your ticket issuance may be delayed. Once the full amount has been received, you will be sent your e-ticket by e-mail. It may take up to 5 business days after payment before you receive your e-ticket.

With bank transfers, you usually pay through our partner Ingenico ePayments, but in some countries you do pay directly to us. You will need to transfer money directly to us, when booking in Aruba, Bonaire, China, Curacao, Ecuador, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Korea, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Saint Martin, Suriname, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda and Zambia. Your payment is safe in all instances. Read more about Ingenico ePayments at the bottom of this page.

It’s not possible to pay for an insurance via a bank transfer.


Cash and PIN payment

You can pay by cash or using a bank card with PIN code after you have made your online booking. You then pay and retrieve your ticket at a KLM ticket office. We accept PIN payments at our offices in the Netherlands only.

There is usually no fee charged for cash or PIN payments.

If you wish to pay at the ticket office, make sure to bring along the booking confirmation or booking code that you received by e-mail. Please note: Not all ticket offices accept cash payments.


Pay with an EMD voucher

You can exchange your EMD voucher on

  • For cash on your bank account – if your EMD voucher states ‘refundable’. Exchange your EMD for cash.
  • When booking a KLM, Delta Air Lines or Air France flight or to buy extra options for KLM flights (such as an extra comfortable seat) – if your EMD voucher states ‘non-refundable’. For any remaining credit you will receive a new EMD voucher.
  • Use your EMD voucher to book a flight on
  • If you already have a booking: use your EMD voucher to buy extra options for KLM flights through My Trip
  • If the currency of the EMD is other than the currency in which the price of a ticket is published, the rate of exchange will be the bankers selling rate of KLM’s local bank.

* You cannot use your EMD voucher to pay for KLM Package deals or taxes on Award tickets.

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About Ingenico ePayments and Adyen

Ingenico ePayments and Adyen are organisations that process online payments and payment information on our behalf. This includes Real Time Online Banking, wallets and bank transfers. If you pay through Ingenico ePayments or Adyen, we will issue your ticket and send it to you by e-mail once we have received confirmation of full payment. Your payment details will be sent safely to Ingenico ePayments or Adyen and will only be used to process the transaction. This information will never be disclosed or forwarded to third parties nor used for commercial purposes.

We use the online services of the worldwide Ingenico ePayments and Adyen network to ensure that your payment takes place as efficiently and safely as possible.