Best Price Guarantee

When it comes to finding the best KLM price online, you can count on KLM. If you find a lower fare online that applies for country of booking for the same KLM flight, itinerary and cabin, you can file a refund claim.

About our Best Price Guarantee

The Best Price Guarantee applies to the lowest available fares in economy and business class of KLM. It applies to all fares available to the general public, excluding the following:
  • Niche fares (e.g. corporate discount fares, military fares, student fares)
  • Airfares sold as part of a package
  • Fares where the carrier or itinerary details are unknown until after purchase.
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When can I submit a claim?

If you find a lower fare* online** for the same flight, itinerary and cabin that's at least 20 USD lower on the same day you purchase your ticket, file us a claim and we'll send you a Travel Credit Voucher*** (TCV) for future travel with KLM for each eligible ticket that is cheaper than at If the ticket is booked to European destination (European countries) the value of the TCV is 40 USD, in case of intercontinental tickets the TCV’s value is 60 USD. The claim has to be filed on the same day as this purchase was realised. If we reply positively on your claim, the TCV will be sent to you to the postal address indicated in the claim during 10 working days from the date the claim is received or you may receive the TCV in the office of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines at 34/33, Ivana Franko str., 2nd floor, within 7 days from the date the claim is approved by KLM. The TCV will be valid for the travelling with KLM only if the appropriate documents for departure and visas to the chosen countries are available.
* The fares exclude airport taxes.
**Fares lower than on, but that are not online, will not be considered as the basis for the claim.
*** TCV is valid during 1 year from the date of issuing.

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How can I submit a claim?

A claim submittal form is available online. To submit this claim form, fill in all required fields and click 'Submit'. A KLM customer service representative will send you an e-mail regarding the validity of your claim. 

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