From Holland Food & Wine festival

01 October 2012 | This autumn you are in for a treat on board KLM flights departing from Amsterdam.

Dutch celebration

From Holland Food & Wine festival

On board all KLM flights departing from Amsterdam this October and November, we will welcome you with Dutch hospitality and ‘gezelligheid’ (something like ‘cosiness’).

From your seat to your napkin, everything will be themed ‘From Holland’!

If you haven’t sampled the cuisine of the Netherlands yet, this is your chance. Here’s a preview of the mouth-watering tastes we have in store for you – mostly from Dutch soil and sea.


Your festival menu

From Holland Food & Wine festival

In World Business Class, we’ll serve a baton of braised veal with beetroot, cumin and a Hollandaise piccalilli cream. Next, a choice of main courses:

  • Zuiderzeezilver-certified pike perch with mussel gravy, various veggies and green asparagus.
  • Volwaard-certified chicken in apple syrup jus, mash of Willem van Oranje potato with hazelnuts, pickled pearl onions, steamed baby potatoes and Dutch gingerbread crumbles.
  • Maas-Rijn-IJssel beef tartlet with VOC spices, mash of Willem van Oranje potato and red cabbage with diced apple.

For dessert, you can savour a chocolate cinnamon treat with caramel, an orange praline, or a cheese plate with Reypenaer VSOP, Wijngaard’s goat’s cheese and organic cheese.

All dishes are complemented by great wines from Dutch soil, such as the famous vineyard ‘De Kleine Schorre’, or from Dutch winemakers abroad.

In Europe Business Class we serve alternating menus. For example:

  • On flights longer than 170 minutes: an entree of smoked salmon with cream cheese and herring caviar, and a Dutch shrimp blini. Next, a choice of 2 main dishes: veal sausages or vegetarian lasagne with celeriac and mushrooms, a salad and a Dutch cheese plate. Finally, a van Wely dessert of raspberry, vanilla and pistachio.
  • On flights between 120 and 170 minutes: a gazpacho amuse, followed by a beef stew with mashed potatoes or a spicy panga fillet. On the side you’ll find a salad and will end your meal with a Van Wely dessert with Dutch speculoos.
  • On flights up to 120 minutes: an entrée of shrimp, ‘Eigenheimer’ potato, and crème of Reypenaer, a large salad with goat’s cheese and honey, and a Van Wely dessert of green apple, vanilla and speculoos.

And in Business Class you can take home your set of salt and pepper clogs as a souvenir.

In Economy Class on intercontinental KLM flights, you can choose between 2 meals:

  • An entrée of potato salad, followed by meat balls in gravy, red cabbage and celeriac mash.
  • A pumpkin salad, followed by panga fillet with mixed vegetables and cheese sauce.

On both menus you’ll find some Dutch cheese and a ‘Bossche bol’: a rich chocolate and cream dessert.

In between meals we’ll spoil you with apple cranberry cake or cheese-and-peppers pizza.

Naturally, in Economy Class on European KLM flights you can expect your snack or sandwich to be truly Dutch. Sink your teeth in an extra-large ‘stroopwafel’ – a traditional waffle with syrup, or a set of Dutch cheese crackers.

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