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21 November 2013 | Question or request? Ask us via social media and we get right to it. Now, you can see exactly when to expect our answer.

Live response time display

Display Social Media

Our new social media live response time display can be found in the header on Twitter and on the customer support page on It will also be visible on Facebook shortly.

“We believe in the transparency of social media,” says Martijn van der Zee, Senior Vice President of E-Commerce at AIR FRANCE KLM. “Customers want to know what to expect from us. We now offer them real-time insight into our response time.”

If you ask your question via Facebook or Twitter, we promise to respond within 1 hour. How about this very moment? See for yourself:

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KLM customer service on social media

You can reach us 24/7 in 10 languages on Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte. Soon, we’ll expand this service to include Google+ and Sina Weibo. Our social media team answers about 30,000 messages each week.