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15 July 2014 | Use your Flying Blue Miles to book and pay for Transavia flights.

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It’s very easy: just tick the checkbox ‘Pay with Flying Blue Miles’ while booking a trip via to view prices in Miles instead of in euros. Taxes, surcharges and extra options such as seat selection and extra check-in baggage you can pay in euros via IDEAL or credit card or just pay for your one-way ticket with Miles.

As from May this year it’s possible to earn Flying Blue Miles by purchasing Transavia flights. Your Transavia flight always needs to depart from or arrive at Dutch airports. The number of Flying Blue Miles you earn depends on the type of ticket that you book, regardless of the distance in miles to your destination.

You can earn 250 Flying Blue Miles per one-way trip with a Plus fare ticket and receive extra option such as check-in baggage. You can earn 500 Miles per one-way trip with a Max fare ticket and enjoy extra check-in baggage, extra comfort and flexibility.

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