Wi-Fi on KLM flights

27 May 2013 | Stay in touch with your loved ones, work as if in your office and browse the internet just like you always do – also on board your KLM flight!

Surf the skies

Social media service in Norwegian and Russian

If you, like many, dread that moment when you need to switch off your electronic equipment just before take-off, we’ve got news for you.

As of 29 May starting with 1 Boeing 777-300 aircraft, we are introducing Wi-Fi on board – as a pilot.

Also this year, Air France will run this pilot on 1 Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

If your aircraft is equipped with Wi-Fi, you will see ‘Wi-Fi on board’ signs, your purser will inform you, and there will be an instruction card in the pocket of the seat in front of you.

We will ask you to switch off your beloved device like usual, but now it will only be for a little while!


Free services and paid internet

As soon as your aircraft has reached 6 km (20,000 feet) altitude, you can go online with any mobile device.

You’ll have free access to information about several destinations, news, weather, online magazines and links to handy services such as car rental options – plus access to KLM.com for mobile.

At a fee, you can access the whole internet - per hour (EUR 10.95) or for the entire flight (EUR 19.95). All you need is a credit card.

Of course we very much appreciate your opinion of our new Wi-Fi service, so you’ll find a short questionnaire when accessing our portal on board.


On intercontinental KLM flights you can always enjoy yourself with over a 1000 hours of inflight entertainment. And during flights on which Wi-Fi is not yet available, it is already possible to send and receive text messages and e-mails through your personal entertainment system.

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