AIR FRANCE & KLM Global Meetings

Save on travel expenses for international events

Convenience, advantage and discount

Are you organising an international trade show, event or conference? AIR FRANCE & KLM Global Meetings makes it both easy and more affordable for participants, clients and business partners to attend your event.

With AIR FRANCE & KLM Global Meetings, participants can book flights quickly and easily at a discount of up to 15% off most fares. As an organiser, you also save for free tickets.

This is how AIR FRANCE & KLM Global Meetings works:

  • Register your event (minimum of 10 participants) on the Global Meetings website.

  • You will be sent a communication kit for posting links and logos on your event website.

  • Visitors and participants can book their flight with AIR FRANCE, KLM or a partner airline (with AF or KL flight number) on your website directly. Flying Blue members earn Miles on these flights and you maintain an overview of the number of bookings.

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