Terms and conditions: pre-purchased extra baggage

If you wish to take more than the standard baggage allowance, you can arrange this easily at our website. Certain rules and conditions apply to extra baggage.

1. Taking extra baggage

1.1 When booking a flight at My Trip and when checking in online, KLM offers the possibility of taking extra baggage (baggage that exceeds the baggage allowance) at an extra fee, on the basis of the conditions of your ticket.

1.2 Please note that when departing from some airports, it is not possible to arrange extra baggage on KLM.com. In that case, please go to the desk at the airport to arrange extra baggage.

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2. Conditions applying to pre-purchased extra baggage

2.1 Your pre-purchased extra baggage has to be used in combination with the ticket you bought the extra baggage for when checking in online. Your pre-purchased extra baggage is personal and non-transferable.

2.2 The rates for pre-purchased extra baggage apply to a one-way trip (outbound or return trip) to the place of the stopover or the final destination, and can be arranged only for flights with KLM.

2.3 KLM’s General Conditions of Carriage are an integral part of these conditions.

2.4 You are required to ensure that all the information you provide when making your reservation and purchasing the pre-purchased extra baggage is complete.

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3. Compensation

3.1 You are entitled to a refund of the costs made specifically to pay for your pre-purchased extra baggage, if:

(I) your flight is not operated by KLM, or
(II) the baggage for which you have bought the pre-purchased extra baggage allowance is lost and is not found within a reasonable length of time.

3.2 You are not entitled to a refund if you decide to take less baggage with you than you are entitled to on the basis of your pre-purchased extra baggage. If you decide to take more baggage than the total allowance, including the pre-purchased extra baggage, you pay the normal excess baggage fee for the excess amount.

3.3 If you are able to change your flight on the grounds of the fee conditions applicable to your ticket, you can still use your pre-purchased extra baggage in combination with your amended ticket.

3.4 A refund request may only be submitted through our website.

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