Unaccompanied Minor service

Children aged 5 up to and including 14 years old may travel alone if our Unaccompanied Minor service is reserved. The service can also be booked for children aged 15 up to and including 17 years.

Unaccompanied Minor service

Stewardess and child

With the Unaccompanied Minor service, you can rest assured that your child will travel alone safely. Reserving the service is mandatory for children aged 5 up to and including 14 who are travelling alone or who are travelling in a different travel class than their accompanying adult. For children aged 15 up to and including 17 the service is optional.

Before departure and after arrival, our KLM staff, or staff hired by KLM, will accompany your child to and from the aircraft, even in the event of delay. And during the flight our cabin attendants will keep a close look at your child.

During a long transfer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, your child will stay in our Junior Jet Lounge. Here he/she can have soft drinks, and can enjoy computer games, films, books in various languages and a variety of toys.

We will keep you informed by telephone, e-mail and text message about any changes in your child’s flight schedule. At the end of the journey, we will personally accompany your child to the person you have authorised to collect him/her.

If your child’s journey means travelling with one of our partner airlines, be aware that our partners may have other rules for unaccompanied children. Please check with your travel agent or directly with the airline itself.

Travel documents

Make sure that your child has all travel documents needed for its entire journey.

  • All children travelling alone to or from Curacao (including children aged 15 up to and including 17 years old for whom no Unaccompanied Minor Service has been reserved) need to bring a written confirmation that they are allowed to travel, signed by parent(s) or legal guardian, and also a copy of a valid identity document of a parent or guardian.
  • If travelling alone from Mexico a child under 18 years needs to bring proof of parentage such as a birth certificate or legal order of custody. It also needs to bring a notarized statement of one parent or of its legal guardian, in Spanish. The statement is available on the website of the Mexican Immigration (INM ) and will be valid for 180 days after validation.
  • For travel to and from South Africa as of 1 june 2015, all children need to bring various documents – regardless if they travel with both parents, with 1 parent, with an accompanying adult or alone. Read more about the new rules for travel to/from South Africa
  • For travel to and from Brazil, all children need to bring various documents – regardless if they travel with both parents, with 1 parent, with an accompanying adult or alone. Learn more about the necessary documents 
Check your child’s required travel documents

How it works

You need to book a flight for a child travelling alone and the Unaccompanied Minor service at least 24 hours before departure. This service cannot be booked independently of the flight and you can only book these via KLM Telephone Reservations or your travel agent. When booking the service, we will ask for details about your child and your contact information. We recommend filling out a Handling Advice form (in English only) before calling us.

You can check in a child travelling alone online or at the airport. During online check-in, you will receive a check-in confirmation which you can print and exchange for a boarding pass at the check-in desk at the airport.

A parent or guardian aged 18 years or older needs to bring the child to the check-in desk between 2½ and 1½ hours before departure. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, this is desk 8 in Departure Hall 1 (European flights) or desk 16 in Departure Hall 2 (intercontinental flights). You need to bring a valid form of identification and stay at the airport until the child’s flight has departed.

To accompany your child during its journey, you need to authorize us by handing in a completely filled out and signed copy of the Handling Advice form at the desk. We recommend downloading and filling it out at home, and bringing 3 copies to the airport. You can also get this form at the KLM Service Desk (at Schiphol at the Axxicom assistance desk).p>

Upon arrival we will hand over your child to the person who was authorised in the Handling Advice form to collect him/her at his/her final destination. The person collecting the child needs to bring a valid form of identification. We will not hand over your child to anyone representing a company or organisation, so please enter an individual person’s name.

Download the Handling Advice form (in English only)

Read more about receiving flight information


Regardless of the age of the child, the cost for the Unaccompanied Minor service is the price of an adult’s ticket, plus a service surcharge. See table below for the exact amount for one-way tickets. The surcharge is doubled for return tickets. For up to 4 children, the Unaccompanied Minor fee will be charged only once. They may or may not be relatives, as long as they have booked together – this means that their booking code is the same.

Please note that below prices will be converted to local currency and that in some countries a local tax may be added.

Service surcharge Unaccompanied Minor Service (one-way tickets):

One way


European direct flight


Intercontinental direct flight


From a European airport via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to another European airport


From a European airport via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to an intercontinental airport (or vice versa)


From an intercontinental airport via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to another intercontinental airport


KLM flight between two airports other than Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol via a destination within the US to an intercontinental airport