Incentive scheme

The number of Blue Credits your company earns depends on the origin, destination and booking class. 1 Blue Credit equals 1 unit of your local currency. Want to know how many Blue Credits your company will earn on a specific flight? Just see the schedule below.

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Incentive scheme

Effective 01/01/2015

Intercontinental flights

 La Première
(AF only)
Business ClassPremium Economy
 (AF only)
Booking classes on AF & KL P,F J,C D I,Z S,A,WY,B,M        U,K,H,LQ,T,NR,V,G (AF only)
Booking classes on KQ - JC,I,Z - -B,S,Y,XH,K,M,LQ,T,V,N-

South Africa to Europe

22701640 1100100091064032014055

South Africa to Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, Middle East via PAR or AMS

3700    27201900175013601100680310 100

Intra Africa

 - 600 500 500 400  250 120 40

IntraEuropean flights

 Business Class


Booking classes on AFJCZW,S,A,YB,M,UK,HQ,T,EN,R,V,G
Booking classes on KLMJCZYB,M,UK,H,LQ,T,EN,R,V,G
Europe to Europe*50050045040030020010040

*do not apply on segments in connection with Intercontinental flights

Amount of Blue Credits earned on a one way trip.  

Blue Credits will be credited on the BlueBiz account 4 to 8 weeks after the flight took place.  

1 Blue Credit = 1 ZAR