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Paradise beaches and unspoilt nature

Curious about Tanzania? Book a flight to Dar es Salaam and experience this vibrant port city in East Africa. Take the boat to Bongoyo Island and go snorkelling among exotic fish. Dar es Salaam is a real mercantile centre. Visit the Fish Market for the catch of the day or strike a bargain at the lively Kariakoo market. You’re bound to find nice souvenirs there.

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Originally a quiet fishing village, Dar es Salaam evolved into Tanzania’s lively, cultural heart, wrapped in a unique mix of Swahili, German, Indian and British architecture. The archaeological finds at the National Museum will give you an idea of the country’s history and traditional village life is shown in the Village Museum. Prefer to get out of town? Take the boat from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar or book a jeep safari to Mikumi National Park. Dar es Salaam is the ideal destination for city trips and a perfect starting point for a longer vacation in Tanzania. Treat yourself: book a flight to Dar es Salaam now!

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Milk from a coconut

Oyster Bay, northeast of Dar es Salaam, has countless beautiful white sand beaches by the clear blue Indian Ocean. Take Coco Beach with its swaying palm trees: a sunbather’s paradise! Hungry? The beach huts sell delicacies such as coconut milk, fresh fruit and grilled jumbo shrimps. The desert islands off the Dar es Salaam coast should also be part of your itinerary. Take the water taxi to Mbudya Island and enjoy the unspoilt nature – both below and above water.

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