Legal information

Here, we listed all legal information you need when booking a ticket or extra option, creating an account, and using our website or app. We advise you to read it carefully.


General Conditions of Carriage

Our general conditions for both passengers and baggage.

Special Conditions

In the country or region where you book your ticket, Special Conditions may apply. These form a part of the General Conditions of Carriage.

Air carrier liability

Our liability in case of death or injury to passengers, flight delay, and damage or loss of baggage.

Customer commitment

Our responsibilities to our customers and how we fulfil them.

Limitation of liability

Limits of our liability for international carriage of passengers and baggage.

Assistance and compensation

In case of cancellations, delays, downgrading, and denied boarding, these are your rights to assistance and compensation.

Contingency plan

How we adjust to lengthy delays while customers are on board of the aircraft.

Travel voucher conditions

If you receive a refund in the form of a travel voucher, these are the conditions.

Aircraft disinsection

Aircraft disinsection requirements, on behalf of the Federal Aviation Administration. (The external website has its own privacy and accessibility policies.)

Air safety list

List of airlines banned to operate within the European Union, based on Regulation (EC) No. 2111/2005. These flights cannot be booked via KLM.

Bill of Rights of passengers with disabilities

The Bill of Rights describes the fundamental rights of air travelers with disabilities under the Air Carrier Access Act and its implementing regulation, 14 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 382.

Air Carrier Access Act

Learn more about the Air Carrier Access Act.