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Sumo and sushi in Tokyo

Looking for a city trip packed with pleasant surprises? Book a flight to Tokyo and discover this dynamic city that is full of contrasts! Here you will find temples and old street lamps right next to modern skyscrapers and flashing neon signs. Your jaw will drop when you see the Shibuya crossing. Of course, your visit would not be complete without a visit to theme parks, such as Disneyland and DisneySea.

Fish markets and tea houses

Early birds can start their day with a visit to Toyosu fish market. You will see gigantic, freshly-caught tuna being processed here in the morning. Makizushi and narezushi are also commonly sold here at 7 am! Next, visit the beautiful Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden with its various themed gardens, including a traditional Japanese garden and a tea house. Tokyo is the ideal destination for city trips or as the starting point for a beautiful trip through Japan. Don't miss this experience: book a flight to Tokyo now!

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Karaoke and other entertainment

Shops, restaurants, entertainment and an amazing view You’ll find it all in the Roppongi Hills Complex, which is a city within a city. If you want an evening of typical Japanese karaoke, you have to visit the Shinjuku district. Fancy escaping the hectic pace of the city for a while? Why not take a day trip to the impressive Mount Fuji, on the outskirts of Tokyo. This sacred mountain is the symbol of Japan for good reason!

Flights to Tokyo for a unique city trip

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