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A city packed with history and mystery

Henry V, William Shakespeare, Isaac Watts and Jane Austen have all spent time in this port city in the south of England. Book a flight to Southampton and enjoy the city's many hidden treasures. Southampton boasts a high number of haunted mansions and this is where the Titanic set out on its fatal voyage. Southampton has everything you need for an exciting cultural trip.

Medieval buildings and ghost stories

Southampton boasts many lovely medieval buildings and monuments. The Tudor House and Garden Museum dates back to the 1100s and is a famously haunted. Staff and visitors regularly feel the presence of ghosts and dogs refuse to enter certain rooms. Southampton is full of haunted houses. The Red Lion pub has racked up 21 apparitions so far. The city's most famous ghost, Molly the chambermaid, still roams the halls of the Dolphin Hotel. Southampton is the ideal destination for weekend holidays, but also as the starting point for a longer vacation in the United Kingdom. Treat yourself: book a flight to Southampton now!

A spotlight on the Titanic

Southampton is home to a number of interesting museums, ranging from the City Art Gallery, displaying contemporary art, to the Solent Sky Museum that tells the city's aviation history. But the most famous museum is undoubtedly SeaCity, which hosts a permanent exhibit on the Titanic. On 10 April 1912 the ship departed from Dock 4 in the harbour of Southampton and began its tragic journey. Nowhere was the tragedy of the disaster more tangible than in Southampton, a fact impressively brought to life by the museum.

Flights to Southampton for a unique holiday

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