Medicines and medical equipment

You can always bring medication onboard when prescribed by your doctor. Read more about bringing medicines, as well as supplemental oxygen and other types of medical equipment.

Bringing your medication

If you need medication during the flight, make sure to pack it in your hand baggage. We also ask you to bring a doctor’s prescription, written in English, for medication and any syringes. This way, customs or security officers can check the prescription if they have any questions.

Our aircraft have limited refrigerator space on board. If your medication needs to be cooled, we advise you to bring cold storage bags or vacuum flasks. Medications in small packaging can be stored in the onboard refrigerator.

Oxygen on board

Whether you’re bringing your own supplemental oxygen or you’d like us to provide it for you, please make sure to contact us at least 48 hours before departure.

In both cases, you will have to fill out the medical information A and B forms:

Open medical information form A

Open medical information form B

If you won't use your own supplemental oxygen on board, you don't need to fill out the medical A and B forms.

Oxygen provided by KLM

Please note that you’ll need to pay a fee of EUR 275 per flight when using supplemental oxygen provided by us.

The oxygen can be adjusted to the exact amount required for your medical condition (with a maximum of 5.2 litres per minute). Our cabin crew will assist you in the use of this equipment.

Bringing your own oxygen

Are you bringing your own supplemental oxygen, such as a portable oxygen concentrator (POC)? These devices can be used onboard if they are battery-operated, optionally also operating on net power.

Bring enough charged batteries with you. We cannot guarantee a power supply on every passenger seat on board. Your batteries need to last for at least 150 per cent of the expected maximum duration of your flight because of a possible delay. Please stow the batteries under your seat so you can easily reach them.

Other types of medical equipment

You may bring certain other pieces of medical equipment or aids with you onboard if they can be stowed under a seat or strapped to an adjoining seat:

  • Bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) equipment
  • Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) equipment
  • Respirators

We cannot guarantee a power supply onboard, so please bring enough charged batteries. Your batteries need to last for at least 150 per cent of the expected maximum duration of your flight because of a possible delay. These batteries should be stowed beneath the seat in front of you.

Is your type of medical equipment not mentioned on this page? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities to bring it.

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