Bargain hunting in Schanzenviertel

Schanzenviertel is a lively neighbourhood in Hamburg that is very popular with young, trendy shoppers. ‘Schanze’ is the perfect place to shop for Hamburg’s latest designer labels, look for a rare vinyl record or nab some great 1980s vintage bargains. Great news for hungry shoppers; this neighbourhood also boasts a very high density of restaurants. You will find everything from curry bratwurst to haute cuisine.

'Wie es Euch gefällt'

'Wie es Euch gefällt'

Young designers

The name of the store says it all: Wie es Euch gefällt (‘As you like it’) offers something for every fashionista. The spacious store with bright colourful wallpaper exudes a relaxed holiday vibe; it seems only natural to pause for a coffee or tea as you try on some clothes. The playful, unique and exciting work of young national and international designers includes clothing and jewellery for every budget.

Everything here is 'made in Hamburg'

Everything here is 'made in Hamburg'

Made in Hamburg

An amazing supply of vinyl records and CDs – for a classic German tune or a powerful local techno recording, head to Hanseplatte. Everything in this record store is ‘made in Hamburg’ – a perfect spot to find an original souvenir. For a hearty lunch or a cup of coffee, visit the neighbours across the street: Karo Ecke has a lovely patio under the trees.

Café Klatsch

Café Klatsch

Real authentic vintage

Hot Dogs only sells authentic vintage clothing from the 1970s and 1980s. In addition to floral shirts and bell-bottomed jeans, the shop also offers a lot of sports clothing. How about a flashy tracksuit, vintage sweat bands or bright pink gymnastics leotards? If all this shopping has made you hungry, just walk down to Café Klatsch and order a delicious all-day breakfast.

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