Meals in Business Class

Flying Business Class? Enjoy a tasteful meal created by Dutch top chefs and prepared with fresh ingredients.

Flights within Europe

On very short flights, we serve a fresh sandwich or sweet pastry with a drink in handy bag. On most flights within Europe, we serve a deluxe meal box. For breakfast, this contains yoghurt with granola, fruit and a sweet or savoury breakfast dish. For the rest of the day, the meal box consists of an appetiser, cold meal salad and dessert. On longer European flights, you will be served a hot sandwich and a fruit juice or hot snack in addition to the meal box. Your meal is always completed with drinks, followed by coffee or tea when you’ve finished eating. Feel free to ask our crew for an extra drink at any time!

European flights meals

Intercontinental flights

Once everyone’s settled in, we welcome you on board with a glass of champagne or jus d’orange. We offer more hot and cold beverages during the flight. You’ll also be offered a variety of snacks. Feel free to ask our crew for an extra snack or drink at any time!

Enjoy a dinner created by Dutch top chefs and prepared with fresh ingredients. Choose a cold starter or vegetarian soup and choose one of the main dishes, accompanied by a glass of wine. Next, choose your favourite dessert: a sweet dessert or a selection of cheeses, which will be served together with a glass of port or dessert wine. Rather have a hot drink? After your meal, we serve coffee and tea.

On flights with an early morning arrival time, we serve breakfast. You get to choose a sweet or savoury breakfast, together with yoghurt, granola, various types of bread, and fruit.

What’s on the menu?

Every 3 months, we offer our World Business Class passengers a brand-new menu of dishes. Right now, you can choose an appetiser and main dish by Dutch top chef Jonnie Boer. These dishes will be accompanied by a range of exquisite wines, selected by sommelier Thérèse Boer.


  • Salmon with poppy seeds, asparagus, fried capers and pea salad, served with Hollandaise sauce and dill
  • Thai red curry soup

Side dish

  • Mesclun salad with pine nuts, sweet pepper drops and olives, served with Italian balsamic vinaigrette

Main dishes

  • Asparagus à la Flamande with ham, scrambled eggs and baby potatoes in herb butter, served with Hollandaise sauce
  • Vegetarian sweet potato tartlet with pickled celeriac and oven-roasted sweet potato served with mustard and piccalilly sauce
  • The Taste of Asia: Nasi kunning with red chili rings, beef rendang with vegetables sajor lodeh and ayam pangang chicken with spicy bumbu sauce


  • Cheese plate with Blue cheese raisin salad, Beemster Royal cheese, fenugreek cheese and grapes, served with crackers
  • Coconut almond bavarois with glazed pineapple, topped with chocolate crumble

Quick and light option

Would you like more time to work or relax? Choose our selected cold starter, along with the delicious soup of the day, and enjoy a dessert afterwards.

World Business Class meal - 23 Jan 2023

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